Interview with UK blog "Music Musings & Such”

Jay talks with Sam at Music Musings & Such about her major influences, New York, and upcoming things!

comeherefloyd review

“It’ just like visiting of your favorite 90’s love struck cinematic longing. ‘Something Alive’ is her first single off of her upcoming EP,” says music site comeherefloyd about Jay’s single “Something Alive.”

It’s Not Record’s review of “Something Alive”

It’s Not Records takes time to write about Jay’s single “Something Alive” and says, “Jay Miners vocal melody is atmospheric, angelic, and ethereal.  For me it sparks a sense of wonder and empowerment within myself that makes me feel like no day is too difficult to tackle.”

Review of “Something Alive” on Modern Music Maker

Modern Music Maker says Jay Miners has “captured emotional beauty” in Something Alive. “Maybe it’s because she is a fellow New Yorker, or maybe we just find her voice irresistibly pleasing, but we are looking forward to hearing more from Jay Miners.”

Interview with Middle Tennessee Music

Read Jay’s interview with Middle Tennessee Music, where she talks about challenges faced as an indie musician today, Vinyls vs. CDs, and more about Something Alive.

LOCK Magazine’s review of “Strawberry Mountain”

UK-based LOCK Magazine describes Jay’s song “Strawberry Mountain” as a “beautifully-tender arrangement of subtle electric guitar and swelling bells.”